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Grind Dining Dishes Up New Menus for Memory Care

People with Alzheimer's often can't feed themselves anymore, right?  Not necessarily!  This alternative to spoon-feeding is not only appetizing, it promotes dignity, independence, and even happiness.

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" Can you give an example of how the Grind Dining method changed things for a resident? Recently we went into a facility and did Grind Dining in memory care, and in skilled nursing as well. There was a gentleman there who loves to eat, but he struggled every day. He ate less. Because it was such a struggle for him, mealtime wasn’t an occasion as it should be. When we came in, it was instant. We had the social worker of the community there to observe as well because he knew the residents and how they ate and how they struggled with things like that. He said “Mr. B. ate his whole meal.” You could just tell that the gentleman was happy. It was different. He ate. He could socialize because he wasn’t struggling. "

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In nursing homes and senior assisted living facilities all over the country, meals for memory care residents - primarily those with neurological conditions like Alzheimer's and other related dementia

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