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Grind Dining Advisory Board Announcement

We are pleased to announce that effective July 1, 2014, Nancy Page Forbes, MSN, RN has joined the Grind Dining, Inc. team as an Advisory Board member. Nancy brings a wealth of knowledge within the clinical healthcare industry and will serve as a nursing process and healthcare advisor to Grind Dining.

Nancy has a diverse professional background and nursing is a second career for her.  Leaving the residential construction business, applying for and being accepted into the nationally recognized School of Nursing at the University of North Carolina - Greensboro was a life changing experience.

After graduating from the UNCG School of Nursing in 2009, Nancy worked as a bedside nurse at Cone Health in Greensboro, North Carolina where she focused on cardio pulmonary disease in a mostly geriatric population.  She left the hospital environment to do home health nursing in a rural North Carolina county while returning to college to pursue a Master's Degree in Nursing and received her MSN in Nursing Education from Walden University in 2012.

While working in home healthcare Nancy's clients were almost exclusively a geriatric population and the position took her into many long term care and rehab facilities in the area.  After some reflection on how she could positively impact this population, Nancy went to work in case management with the Medicare and geriatric populations at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina.  Nancy currently works as a case manager with the AAPR Medicare Supplement "My Path" program for United Health Group/Optum Services.

Nancy recently completed her board certification for case management and continues to work in North Carolina serving a geriatric population with a focus on Health and Quality of Life Promotion.

Sarah Gorham and Stone Morris - Cofounders/Chefs at Grind Dining, Inc.

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