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Arbor Company's "Dining with Dignity" by Grind Dining Wins ALFA Award

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

best of the best award


Grind Dining,™ the innovative food-preparation process that restores enjoyment of mealtime for individuals with cognitive, neuromuscular and chewing disorders, is gaining national attention. The creation of Atlanta chefs Sarah Gorham and Stone Morris, Grind Dining™ enables assisted living communities to serve all their residents from the same menu without the need for personal assistance at the table.

The Assisted Living Federation of America presented the Arbor Company - Grind Dining’s™ first client – with its prestigious Best of the Best Award at the group’s annual conference on May 20, 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona. The award, which recognizes unique and innovative ideas that directly impact residents, their families and the staff of assisted living facilities, went to the Arbor Company’s “Dining with Dignity” meal program. Grind Dining™ designed, developed, and implemented the award-winning program in 2013 after months of training, menu planning and testing under the contract with the Arbor Company.

The Grind Dining™ culinary technique involves grinding precooked food and presenting it in a way that retains the taste, texture, nutrition and consistency of the regular menu items being served to non-impaired residents. The converted dish can be eaten by hand and is easy to swallow, freeing impaired residents from having to rely on routine finger-food menu items or being assisted by a caregiver.

Deborah Osterhaudt, vice president of sales and marketing for the Arbor Company, described the Grind Dining™ experience: “While traditionally prepared foods served to residents with swallowing or motor issues are safe and nutritionally sound, the food may not taste good or is not easily manipulated and we find that our residents do not enjoy the dining experience and eat less,” said Deborah Osterhaudt, vice president of sales and marketing for the Arbor Company.  “Foods that stimulate the senses with the same tastes and textures allow our residents to once again enjoy a delicious meal in a way that was thought to be long forgotten.”

The Arbor Company and Grind Dining™ kept detailed resident satisfaction surveys during the” Dining with Dignity” testing and found that 30 percent of the memory care residents improved food intake and 90 percent of residents and their families were happy with the new menu choices.

Grind Dining™, located in the Candler Park area of Atlanta, continues to create new menu items and is working to implement similar programs for other assisted living communities.

More news about Grind Dining™ can be found on Facebook and the company’s web page,

MEDIA CONTACT: SARAH GORHAM 404-953-1363 or email:

About Grind Dining™, Inc.: Grind Dining™ is a dining management consultant company that has developed the solution and dining program for individuals with cognitive, neuromuscular, or chewing disorders who find eating with utensils frustrating and challenging.  Grind Dining™ develops customized dining programs for residents or patients in senior assisted living, skilled nursing facilities, and hospitals. The method and techniques used to produce the Grind Dining™ product and dining program promotes individuals with unique and complex needs to "Eat with Ida" - Independence, Dignity, and Accessibility. More information about Grind Dining™ is available at

About the Arbor Company: Arbor, based in Atlanta, operates more than 20 independent living, assisted living and memory care communities in nine states. With 30 years of experience, the company strives to deliver the highest quality care to residents and their families. More information is available at

About the Assisted Living Federation of America: ALFA is the largest national association exclusively dedicated to professionally managed, resident-centered senior living communities. More information is available at

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