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What if you could provide your memory care residents the same delicious food choices available to other residents without the assistance of a caregiver at the table with them?

Now you can.

By training your staff to prepare meals in an alternative form using the Grind Dining innovative technique —retaining the texture, taste and flavor and presenting it in an easy-to handle, visually appealing way —memory care residents will be able to enjoy virtually the same menu as other residents in your community.


We know it works. We’ve successfully implemented our program and trained senior assisted living staff in multiple communities within 26 States and the numbers are growing!

Research shows a pleasurable dining experience leads to higher satisfaction ratings among residents and drives higher occupancy levels. Our experience shows pleasurable dining can easily be made available to all residents and with it, a return to dining with dignity for many of them.


We come to you. We use your menu. We understand your resident population and their needs. And we train your staff -- not just in how to transform meals, but how to provide the best dining experience for everyone they proudly serve.

Among other things, we’ll provide hands-on-training for your culinary team on how to properly prepare and transform your menu items using the Grind Dining™ techniques and your caregivers on the Grind Dining™ service standards to “Engage the Senses” of your memory care residents. We’ll provide a Toolkit of resources they can use for innovative ways of presenting meals for memory care and cognitively impaired residents.

Most importantly, we’ll provide a template for measuring standards of dining services as well as resident satisfaction with their meals. We are confident that not only will resident satisfaction with food services be improved, but their nutritional levels and independence will increase as well. We’ve seen this evidence-based program work.

We use your menus, your quality ingredients, your recipes, and train your talented team on the Grind Dining™ techniques and program. Essentially Grind Dining™ is an extension of your current dining program to enhance the resident experience and outcomes for those who struggle at mealtime.


  • In our training, we apply our innovative techniques using cooked and freshly ground foods in a
    way that retains the full taste, texture, and flavor of the meal.

  • We present meals that are bite-size, nutritionally complete, visually attractive, easy to handle and
    can be eaten without assistance.

  • Our service standards have been specifically designed for memory care residents to “Engage the
    Senses” and bring back the joy of dining.

  • We collaborate with senior management and dining director about the needs of their memory care
    residents and provide hands-on training and on-line support for the team.

  • We provide a Dining Director Toolkit that includes customized Grind Dining™ menu
    conversions; standardized technique recipes; at service use records; memory care service
    standards; equipment needs; and resources to support the program.

  • Operational support and oversight during the implementation phases with critiques and

  • We provide mechanisms for assessing feedback on resident intake, accessibility, and satisfaction.

  • We stay available for expanding our services to your other communities.

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