What if you could provide your memory care residents the same delicious food choices available to other residents without the assistance of a caregiver at the table with them?

Now you can.

By training your staff to prepare meals in an alternative form—retaining the texture, taste and flavor and presenting it in an easy-to handle, visually appealing way—memory care residents will be able to enjoy virtually the same menu as other residents in your community.

We know it works. We’ve successfully implemented our program and trained senior assisted living staff in multiple communities within 13 States and the numbers are growing!

Research shows a pleasurable dining experience leads to higher satisfaction ratings among residents and drives higher occupancy levels. Our experience shows pleasurable dining can easily be made available to all residents and with it, a return to dining with dignity for many of them.


What We Do:

  • We apply our "patent-pending" techniques using cooked freshly grinded foods in a way that retains the full taste, texture, and flavor of the meal.

  • We present the transformed meal in various bite-size food wrappings that are nutritionally complete, visually attractive, easy to handle and eaten without assistance.

  • Our service standards include meals that are served with linen tablecloths, napkins, table centerpieces and, when requested, aromatherapy prior to meal service.

How We Do It:

  • We collaborate with senior facility management and dining directors about the needs of memory care residents and provide hands-on training for the staff.

  • We create a finger food toolkit that includes menus, recipes, photos, and usage and production charts.

  • We provide operational support and oversight during the implementation phases.

  • We provide mechanisms for assessing feedback on taste and surveys of resident satisfaction.

  • We stay available for expanding the service to other facilities.


  • We provide a satisfying, nourishing bridge to pureed diets.

  • Food is easy to chew, digest, and nutritionally complete.

  • Easily accessible bite-size portions - No knives, forks, or teeth are necessary!

  • More meals eaten, especially high value nutritional items.

  • Promotes resident independence.

  • Eliminates the need for a "separate menu" from the main dining room.

  • Cost effective in capital, labor, and food cost.

  • Grind Dining methods and techniques can be taught to entry level kitchen personnel.

  • Realize a timely and reasonable return on investment for your organization.

Our Results:

  • Memory care residents improve intake by more than thirty percent.

  • Ninety percent of respondents say they approve of the choices they now have.

  • Kitchen costs are reduced.

  • Separate menus are eliminated.

  • Fewer caregivers are needed to work at mealtime.

  • The facility’s ability to meet criteria of resident independence is improved without compromising safety or jeopardizing the nutritional needs of its most vulnerable population.



 Lamb, Rice and Spinach

Lamb, Rice and Spinach

 Pate A Choux

Pate A Choux