"How food evokes the feelings of childhood"

This is a very interesting read looking at food and the "Madeleine Effect". How when the author tastes the cake (Madeleine), soaked in a spoonful of tea, he experiences not a surge of memory but "an exquisite pleasure" and "all-powerful joy", taking him back to very comforting and fond childhood memories of spending time with his Aunt on Sunday mornings.

Wow! That's the power of food!!! I know when I smell bread baking it cues or prompts me to thinking and remembering me sitting at my Grandma Ida's kitchen table when I was just 3 or 4 years old. I can see her vividly dressed in her white-laced old fashioned apron making bread in her kitchen. I feel the anticipation of the bread baking in the oven and cooling on a rack until my Grandma can cut a piece for me to eat. A very loving and comforting memory evoked by just the smell of bread baking.

As foodservice providers in senior assisted living, we have the opportunity to evoke a resident's memory 3 times a day with meal service. Food is nourishment but it is also so much more. Food can prompt memories, just like photos, and contributes to the emotional and mental well-being of a resident. Check out this article, and take a journey to your childhood memories...  http://aeon.co/magazine/being-human/why-is-food-so-potent-in-evoking-the-memories-of-childhood/