"Everything the world could offer"

We got this mega-cool letter from one of the senior assisted living facilities we work with. It comes from the husband of a memory-impaired resident who noticed something special in his wife's attitude at the table, which had been lovingly set up by the staff to meet the service standards we suggested for the Grind Dining meal she and others were getting that day for lunch.

"As I stood at her side she looked up at me with this faint smile on her face and a look in her eyes of anticipation that only I would have know," he wrote. "She was saying, 'Look at me. Something good is going to happen.' I was taken aback as I didn't know anything special was about to happen. I opened my eyes to see what was really there and I saw it. She was sitting in front of a table covered in a neat, white-linen tablecloth with a crisp blue napkin folded in a pyramid. She was a very little girl again and she might have been with her dad at a tea party at the Waldorf in New York, or with her friends...she was happy and life was good."

He went on: "Who in their right mind would put a tablecloth and real napkins on the table in a place where they would never be appreciated? On this day, at this time, to this little girl, it was everything that the world could offer."

Wow! That's why we do this. That's Eating with IDA.

Stone and Sarah